DesignThe Three S’s of Pedestal Sink Selection

The Three S’s of Pedestal Sink Selection

Recently, PRD Custom Homes & Interiors’ Design Director Katelyn Irizarry was interviewed by Susan Fitzgerald Burridge for House Digest. The topic? Pedestal sinks! 

We wanted to highlight some of the decorating tips and ideas Katelyn shared in the article:

What is a Pedestal Sink?

A pedestal sink has an upper basin (sink) and a narrow base (pedestal). Stylish and simplistic, the pedestal sink is a bathroom sink and nothing more. Yet, it can make a statement and will fit in any decorating style from modern to traditional to industrial. 

Pedestal sinks have a graceful practicality. PRD is creating a lot of innovative looks with exposed plumbing for many of our clients in which pedestal sinks play a major role: 

This is a really cool way to incorporate an industrial vibe with some European flair.” 

The Three S’s 

There are a few factors to consider before settling on a pedestal sink for your powder room or primary bathroom. Katelyn calls them the three S’s: Storage, space, and style. 


I’ve found most of my clients are primarily concerned about storage.” 

Pedestal sinks are short on storage. Their streamlined design and overall simplicity are both reasons to feature them in your bathroom. However, you will need to make up for their lack of storage and counter space with cabinets or other storage areas. This is why pedestal sinks work better in smaller bathrooms, such as powder rooms, that get less usage and have fewer storage needs. 


When setting up a bathroom, something people don’t always consider is the placement of the toilet, sink and walls. One of the benefits of choosing a design-build firm like PRD is we have interior designers on staff who can help you do just that! 

 “This isn’t just a question about building permits, it’s also a comfort factor. A pedestal sink allows you to create a more spacious layout in a smaller space.” 

The average pedestal sink ranges from 21 to 36 inches wide and about 33 to 34 inches tall, but there are countless variations when it comes to pedestal stinks. 

Look at the layout of your existing bathroom. If you aim to stay with the current plumbing setup, note where your plumbing comes out of the wall, how high it is, and whether you need a sink- or wall-mounted faucetYour faucet or basin can determine a lot,” she adds. “A sink can have a single or multiple holes for plumbing, or none, which then requires a wall-mounted faucet.


“What I love about selecting a Pedestal Sinks for a bathroom design is the ability to customize the fixture’s details to complement the space, no matter the style.”

Whether your design calls for warm traditional tones of unlacquered brass and white porcelain finishings, or boasts a chic boho vibe with colored concrete and black metal accents, a pedestal sink is an excellent way to make a statement in a bathroom. 

PRD’s team excels in thinking outside the box and customizing our clients’ home to their style and we love developing creative ideas for our design projects. We’d love to connect with you for your next custom home project! 

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