GeneralLet’s Meet Up

Let’s Meet Up

  1. To schedule your initial meeting with us, you can reach us via email or phone call- whichever works best for you. or Kyle 843.475.8856
  2. We can then schedule a time and day that works well between our schedule and yours! Any photographs, inspiration, or definite needs you have envisioned, feel free to send to us before the meeting or have ready the day of our meeting- this will help give us a vision of what you are looking to have done.
  3. At the initial meeting, you will get to meet our smiling face and we will discuss all areas you wish to “polish” up! This meeting can last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, sometimes longer 🙂 . We will gather your list of wants and needs, take photographs of areas to be worked in, and measurements of your spaces.
  4. From there, our team will document a scope list and client purchase list, in which you will review to be sure we have touched on all areas of concern.
  5. Finally, we will proceed with an estimated bid which will give you a total cost of your remodeling project. Once project is confirmed, we can give you a start date!

Our team is dedicated to helping clients create spaces that feel like home.

Contact us today to create your lively Lowcountry lifestyle!

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We believe in design that isn’t just about the what, but also the why. Our mission isn’t simply to complete a project—we’re looking to develop a fresh and unique design that exceeds our clients expectations.