GeneralFive Essentials for an At-Home Bar

Five Essentials for an At-Home Bar

A well-stocked home bar is essential for entertaining family and friends with their favorite libations. With a seemingly endless supply of accessory options available for at-home bars online, the design team at PRD Custom Homes & Interiors created this guide to help you choose the best options.

We love designing spaces like bars or butler’s pantries to suit our clients’ personalities and lifestyle. We believe this is the secret to making your new custom home design yours, helping you put “your stamp” on the space.

In this guide, we will walk you through five essentials for an at-home bar:


You don’t only use your at-home bar for special occasions, which is why it is important to stock it with a variety of unique drinkware for everyday uses.

Stow away your traditional drinkware and save it for special events. Then, go on the hunt for some fun and affordable glassware that you’ll love serving to your guests. You can curate a collection of eclectic finds at local shops, or check out some of our recent favorites below:

Good quality options and eclectic drinkware will contribute to your overall enjoyment of your at-home bar. 


Each at-home bar varies in counter and storage space. Here is a simple trick to help optimize your bar while also keeping your guests happy.  

If you’re short on storage space, using glass decanters is a great way to maximize your counter space while still keeping your bar guest-ready. Store your bottles away in your cabinets or pantry, and keep the essentials out on the bar instead. Here are some fun options:


No bar is complete without a set of bar tools and of course.. a cocktail shaker! This is another item that can be stored out in the open if you source the right set for your space. Below are a few ideas, ranging from simple to stunning:


Our design teams like adding accessories that serve multiple purposes. Serving trays serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose in your at-home bar. 

Keep an eye out for decorative serving trays that can be displayed on your bar shelving, under your bar set, or tucked away and brought out for entertaining. Here are some options for serving trays that might fit your needs, whether it’s something fun for outside, or a classic and simple base for every day. 


Recipe books are decorative references that will add character to your at-home bar. Start curating a collection of recipe books to stack on your bar display. 

Pro Design Tip: remove the book jacket to reveal a simpler, cleaner design that will coordinate with your interiors. 

Some of our favorite recipe books are listed below:

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