In the PressKatelyn Irizarry Feature

Katelyn Irizarry Feature

How did you get started in the remodeling business?

When my husband, Kyle and I renovated our first home. I posted daily progress updates on social media and we started to gain a little bit of a following. We began to receive so many requests from friends and followers that we decided to dive in head first. founding Polished Renovations and Design.

How would you describe your design philosophy?

Design isn’t about incorporating everything. Its about clearing out the superfluous and figuring out exactly what the client will use in the space. and how they’ll use the spaces we create. m here to think outside of their everyday box. It isn’t just about making something functional or making something aesthetically pleasing: a great design hinds the balance between the two. l am my client’s interpreter for how their use of their space will translate into the new design. Design should a so be intentional Every space should he designed with a specific purpose. Lastly, good design should be an experience, like breathing fresh air.

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We believe in design that isn’t just about the what, but also the why. Our mission isn’t simply to complete a project—we’re looking to develop a fresh and unique design that exceeds our clients expectations.