RenovationsBudgeting for Interior Design

Budgeting for Interior Design

Establishing an interior design budget for your upcoming construction project is perhaps one of the most challenging, yet important first steps in the process. We want to maximize your investment in our services, which is why we need to know your expectations for fixture and furniture quality, and what you are comfortable investing in interior design.

Planning for this investment can be a confusing step for homeowners and clients due to their uncertainty about what a reasonable price is to get their space “looking and feeling” the way they want it to. PRD Custom Homes & Interiors has extensive experience delivering exactly that to clients in the Greater Charleston area. This post is designed to help you plan your budget for interior design and to help you through the design phase of working with our team. 

Why We Require a Design Phase

Before we will deliver a formal quote for your construction project, we require a design phase to be completed so that we can get a complete picture of your expectations and investment goals. Having a comprehensive budget for your project upfront will set up your project for success by allowing us to roll right into construction, avoiding delays as much as possible. 

As your creative partner, we use this process to help articulate your expectations into a detailed scope of work and investment plan during the pre-construction phase of your project. Our design process begins with an initial meeting to discuss your vision with our contracting and interior design teams. The process is collaborative and informative; and all stakeholders, including you, the client, will know exactly how we will make your vision a reality. 

Design and Construction Estimates

After our initial consultation is complete, we will present you with a design phase estimate, which should cover all of the labor and material costs we expect to invest in your project. At that point, you’ll have the opportunity to review our proposal, ask questions directly, and request changes in scope before committing to the design contract. 

Our design clients work directly with our design team throughout this phase to produce a complete construction plan for the upcoming project. This includes documents such as architectural plans, 3D renderings, structural reports, land surveys, interior wall elevations, cabinet designs, and more. Once the construction phase begins, the same design team will continue to assist you throughout the project, starting with the selection process where we will manage the sourcing, purchasing, storing, and installation requirements of all design-related fixtures and finishings. 

Every Custom Home Has Unique Requirements

There is no “one-size fits all” budget for interior design. Our focus is custom luxury homes and interiors, which means defining the specific needs and expectations that are unique to our clients. 

In order to help you determine your interior design budget, we will ask you what your planned investment is for your construction project. It’s important to be prepared and open with us about this information so that we can help guide the design to keep it on track with your goals.

PRD Custom Homes & Interiors is committed to client experience and satisfaction. Trust and communication is a major part of that commitment, which is why we spend so much time upfront on budgeting for interior design. We want you to know exactly what to expect when working with us, and how our processes will benefit you throughout the life of your custom home project.. 

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