GeneralChoosing a Design-Build Firm

Choosing a Design-Build Firm

Choosing to work with a design-build firm for a luxury renovation is a lot like getting into a long term relationship. You’re going to be working with your contractors for anywhere from six months to a year or more, and you’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable working with your team throughout the process. 

PRD Custom Homes & Interiors is a boutique firm who loves getting to know our clients for precisely this reason. Our entire team will be committed to your experience throughout the course of the project.

When it comes to selecting the right fit for you and your project, here are some factors to consider…


Communication is key when selecting a design-build team for your custom home project. It’s a sign that the design-build firm is organized, focused, and takes their business seriously. It also means they want you to be satisfied right from the start, even if you don’t end up choosing them to complete your renovation

When you submit a project inquiry on PRD’s website, your request is sent directly to Katelyn and Kyle so that they can review your project details and get back to you personally. Throughout the course of your project, you’ll have direct access to your design team and project manager, and you’ll receive updates on a regular basis.


Take note of how the design-build firm shows up to your scheduled initial consultation. 

Were they on-time and prepared to talk about your project? 

Are they listening to you, taking notes, and clearly answering all of your questions? 

There are many pros of working with a small firm like PRD, and one of the main ones is preparation. Your project will get the attention of our entire team from start to finish and we will be available to you throughout the duration of your luxury renovation. 


When considering a design-build firm, talk to the potential candidates about their process. The next steps in your project should be clearly defined by the team and you should know exactly what to expect. The firm should also be upfront about what they are going to need from you going forward. 

PRD has defined our process over the years to ensure a smooth design phase and efficiency during construction.


The next thing you should consider when choosing a design-build firm is their follow-up communications. 

After your initial consultation, were their follow-up emails prompt and did they contain all of the information you hoped they would? 

If they promised to get you additional information about fixtures, finishings, or materials, did they? 

You will be able to tell if a design-build firm is worth working with by the completeness of their communication with you. Clients should never be left waiting for answers. 


Don’t be afraid to ask your potential design-build firm for references. At PRD, we have a list of clients who have volunteered to discuss their experience with potential clients. When you’re chatting with references, ask them specific questions about the firm’s processes, management team, communication skills, and any other reservations you might have about taking next steps for your custom home build.

Above all, choosing a design-build firm is about feeling and instinct. 

Do you feel comfortable working with this team? 

Are they likable and easy to communicate with? 

That is why your initial consultation is such an important step in this process; because it will provide you with answers to these questions and allow you to form a feeling about the firm before contracts are signed.  

What are the things that matter most to YOU when choosing a design-build firm? Answer in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

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