Design5 Butler’s Pantry Ideas

5 Butler’s Pantry Ideas

Lowcountry homeowners have really embraced the resurgence of the butler’s pantry in their homes over the last few years. It is one of the most requested items for our new build and luxury remodel clients, especially by homeowners who love to entertain.

Also called a “scullery,” a butler’s pantry features cabinetry and counter space that can be treated as an extension of your kitchen. It adds extra storage for appliances and formal dinnerware. It also has practical uses such as serving as preparation space for dinner parties, wet or dry bar space, and even a prep kitchen.

The butler’s pantry serves a more utilitarian purpose than your main kitchen, however, it doesn’t have to look that way! Here are 5 incredible design ideas for your butler’s pantry:

1. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a creative way to manage flow between rooms because they “disappear” into walls.

Adding pocket doors to your butler’s pantry will help preserve storage space and keep the room more open and inviting. Visually, a natural flow from room to room occurs with open doorways and when the flooring remains consistent.

Pocket doors also allow you to close off the butler’s pantry when necessary for food preparation or privacy.

2. Glass Cabinets

Your butler’s pantry should feature plenty of storage space. Glass cabinets are a great option because they keep with our open, flowing design theme.

Victorian-era butler’s pantries were places where prized family heirlooms and dinnerware were stored and displayed. We suggest using glass-front cabinetry for the same purpose, to feature your best glasses, stemware, and dishes.

Glass-front cabinets are places where you can really get creative in your butler’s pantry design, as you will see in the next section.

3. A Pop of Personality

Good interior lighting, bold wallpaper, tile, or paint color will add a pop of personality to your butler’s pantry!

A butler’s pantry is an interior room, so lighting is critical to highlight the design elements. Don’t be afraid to ask our design team to come up with some beautiful options, such as:

  • Add wallpaper in your cabinetry
  • Use bold paint colors throughout
  • Add stunning tile backsplashes that accent your countertop or wet bar fixtures

Smaller rooms like a butler’s pantry can always use an extra design element to help them stand out.

4. Brass Sink

We absolutely love incorporating a brass sink into the design of your butler’s pantry because they are both elegant and durable. Brass sinks are an excellent choice for both traditional and modern decorating styles. Their long-lasting quality will serve your butler’s pantry for years.

If brass tones aren’t a part of your design scheme, there are plenty of other options we can recommend to go “outside the box” when making your final selection for your butler’s pantry sink.

5. Designer Ceiling

One of the benefits of working with PRD Custom Homes & Interiors is that we have a design team with many years experience designing luxury homes in the lowcountry. Because a butler’s pantry is such a small space, we suggest incorporating design elements throughout, including on the ceiling.

A buffed plaster ceiling is a great way to liven up the appearance of your butler’s pantry. It will add that little bit of extra some spaces need to really stand out in your home.

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