The PRD Design Philosophy

We believe that custom designs aren’t just about what the features are, but why the features exist.

When we embark on a new project, our team makes sure that every detail is intentionally curated to a client’s life and personal style in order to create a custom home that surpasses expectations. Custom home design is an incredibly personal thing, so we feel truly honored when our clients pass us their keys and trust us to bring their vision to life.  We started PRD, a Design Build Contractor firm, out of a true passion for intentional design, and that’s something we carry with us to every project we take on. With our collaborative approach and creative energy, we’re able to get to know each individual client’s needs and translate that into a design that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. As a full-service design build firm and custom home designers, we handle the interior design, construction, project management, and implementation for our clients—that means that we put all of our efforts into your project, so you can keep your energy for your family and daily life.  When we take on a new venture, our mission isn’t simply to complete a project—we’re looking to develop a fresh and unique design that exceeds our clients’ expectations, while forming a relationship that goes beyond the project completion date. Each client brings their own perspectives and preferences to the table, and we believe it’s our job to provide them with a tailored construction experience that marries all these elements into something that exceeds their goals. By building a strong relationship with each client, we make sure that their project captures the full essence of their vision and encapsulates everything they dream of when they think of home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured? +

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

How do I determine my budget? +

This is always the million dollar question, isn’t it?   In our initial call with you, we will ask about your budget. Some clients know exactly what their max investment is, and others are just getting their ducks in a row, and have no idea where to begin. We are happy to help! We can usually give you a ballpark number during the initial call. Once we have our first consultation meeting with you to see the space and ask you some initial questions, we will write up a rough estimate for the project. We ask that you start this process by being totally honest with us. The more we know about your budget, the better we can be about making recommendations for your scope of work. Investing in a design and construction project is a big decision, and we do not take it lightly. We are on your side!

How do you determine project cost? +

While we would tell you to be weary of any firm that can guarantee a price, we find that the secret to getting the most accurate project estimate is very simple… it’s all in the details. We take our time to lay out as much of your project as possible in the design phase. This not only helps consolidate all of the decisions that need to be made, but also helps avoid any changes in cost additions after the contract is signed. You’ll find that our project estimates are very detailed. We find that the more information we can provide you, the better off we will all be entering into this relationship.

What kind of commitment can you make on the timeline for the project? +

As with your project cost, we would caution you against taking any contractor’s commitment to a timeline. We carefully comb through the scope of work, and do our best to line up the order of operations so that your project flows efficiently with as little delay as possible. That said, there are no guarantees in this industry. Latent defects, material delays, fixture back orders, and production lead times are just some of the uncontrollable factors in construction. We do our very best to roll with the punches, and keep you informed of any delays. Our job is to ensure that your project is run smoothly, safely, and properly. We are not in the business of cutting corners to save time. If you have a special event that you are planning this project around, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate! 

How does your team handle communication with me throughout the process? +

Given that a good portion of our clients do not live locally, we have honed the art of remote communication. Our clients can expect regular updates on their projects, as well as immediate contact if any issues ever arise. We communicate using email, phone call, texting, and our project management software which houses a plethora of information. We know that construction can be an overwhelming process, and it is our goal to be your liaison throughout the course of your project.

Can we make changes during the construction process? +

Of course you can! But will it affect your overall budget and timeline? Of course it will! All sarcasm aside, you are investing time, money, and a lot of mental energy into building your home, and we want it to be just right for you and your family! If you request a change to your scope of work, we are happy to help you navigate this process. We will discuss the details, as well as how it will affect your timeline and budget so that you can make an informed decision. 

How do we make selections like fixtures and finishings? +

Our design team is dedicated to helping you navigate every detail of this process. Your design package will include a detailed list of all fixtures in finishings required for your project. We will use this to create a roadmap for your selections process, and help you every step of the way. Whether you are a Seasoned Shopper, or Novice Nancy, there are behind the scenes details that always need attention. That’s our specialty!

Who handles permitting and association/community approvals? +

We will pull any necessary permits for your project, and assist you in gathering any information necessary for community/association approval. Throughout the design process, we will keep in mind the requirements of your HOA to help tailor your custom build project to the standards of the community. 

Can I live in the house during a renovation? +

This really depends on the scope of work, and your tolerance for inconveniences. Renovations are a messy business! You’ll experience a number of people coming and going all day throughout the week, dust and debris, loss of power and water, and loud noises. Most of our clients chose to make alternate living arrangements during the construction process. We put up barriers for dust and debris, blocking off any areas where we may not be working. But you’ll find that sawdust and dirt will find its way through even the strongest of boundaries. It can be an annoying and constant irritation to some and the “fun adventures glamping” allure will only last so long.

What do I do with all of my belongings during a project? +

Depending on your scope of work, we may require that all furniture and belongings are removed from the home throughout the construction process. If you have an area of the home where we will not be working, you can move everything into those rooms. Although we take precautions to block off dust and debris, you’ll find dust everywhere throughout your home during the process. We highly recommend moving everything to a storage unit offsite during the building process.

Can I paint my existing cabinets? +

A lot of homeowners ask this question as a cost-saving measure. While the short answer is yes, it is possible to paint your existing cabinets, this is not a service we provide. There are mixed reviews about the longevity, quality, and overall results with this process and, although we know there are excellent cabinet refinishers in Charleston, we leave this service to them. Our specialty is starting with a clean slate and tailoring your homes to your family’s needs with our custom cabinetry and interior design services. 

Do I need to hire an architect or drafter? +

We will cross this bridge when we have our initial call with you about your project. If you are interested in building a custom home with PRD, we will be your liaison throughout the design process and connect you to an architect best suited for your needs. If you are reaching out about a renovation with PRD, we will manage all of your drafting in house. If you have already have plans in hand, we can price out a proposal for you.

We believe in design that isn’t just about the what, but also the why. Our mission isn’t simply to complete a project—we’re looking to develop a fresh and unique design that exceeds our clients expectations.